Cassius Fouler shows you “Withdrawal Anxiety”


Riddled with the obsessive need of more more more, Cassius Fouler’s compulsion to keep creating has found a home with Arlene’s Grocery. Opening Monday, February 11th at from 7-10pm, Withdrawal Anxiety catalogues the artist’s most recent work, which takes the form of sculptural wood tags, canvas, and paper. Much like the go hard or go home attitude behind the graffiti world that Fouler is drawing upon, he has been incessantly creating for Withdrawal Anxiety to avoid exactly that.


Fouler has shared several progress images for his upcoming show, we also have this from the press release:

When you’re compelled, you gotta do what you gotta do.

But what if you suddenly can’t do that anymore?

Then you gotta do what you can, and you work with what you’ve got.

In this collection of recent paintings and collages, Cassius Fouler has graffiti on the brain, and the work provides a glimpse into the nature of creative compulsion as well as the increasingly hazy line between graffiti and fine art.




withdrawal anxiety

All photos courtesy of Cassius Fouler