el Decertor in Huachipa, Peru


Last week, el Decertor began working on a small township called Huachipa near Lima, Peru. I spoke to him about the context of his pieces and asked for a bit of background about the environment he works in.



I chose this mural because it has a direct view from the hills, it is titled “Porvenir” (“To Come”) because of the elements I used: the brick symbolizes the future of a town that is emergent, the boy is the heir to this dream and apparent progress. There is also a plant growing from the brick, which is a repetitive element in my work that I generally associate with resistance, strength, and faith.



This area is home to some brick enterprises and factories, the land has a clay-like texture, which is the key material for the manufacturing of bricks. It is a very positive activity for the families in the areas, whom mostly make a living from that industry. This area is rapidly growing in its population, therefore families living there have to organize and mobilize their rights effectively, so that they have property over their homes. Frequently, they are kicked out by “land owners” or “companies” who don’t care about the community that is being built, nor the amount of time and effort families dedicate to this area.



In addition to the brick companies, there’s also a large area where grass is grown to sell for profit by square meters. I did this intervention at a high point in a hill where you can see in the landscape the brick and grass companies. In the Andean world, hummingbirds are a good luck charm and if a person runs into one it signifies something good is to come.


Photos courtesy of el Decertor