OverUnder and ND’A in Little Haiti in Miami


During the Art Basel Miami madness, OverUnder and ND’A painted this large wall in the neighborhood of Little Haiti, so this post is a bit late but we couldn’t let this collaboration slip by us. Everything about this mural is representative of something unique about OU and ND’A’s experience. The mural features padlocks since this wall was actually a chance find on the side of a hardware store while the two were looking for another wall. The mural is filled with Haitian imagery that the local people of Haitian¬†descent might appreciate, like hibiscus flowers,¬†arrows found on Haitian flag, and the Liberty Cap on the main figure.

The main figure is a man that the two met on their first day, who had been living under a bridge and who spoke highly of the effect street art has had on the area.





Photos by OverUnder