Wild Style Wednesday! Featuring Klughaus at Miami Art Basel

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DCEVE Smart Crew

There’s something a little awkward about “graffiti” on canvas. The work may look great but it still feels like there is a crucial element missing or out of place…

New York City’s Klughaus Gallery wanted to showcase graffiti in Miami this year the way it was intended to be shown: outdoors on the side of trucks. The graffiti artists were forced into a “natural” state of mind since they went at it knowing that their work would be painted over in the next 24 hours and would be on display for less time than it took them to paint. The work was displayed while cruising down the main streets of Wynwood and around a lot of the Art Basel-gallery-action in Miami Beach. Awesome concept.


Kaput & Large VTS

OIL (RIP) by JUNE, DZEE character by OBLVN

OIL (RIP) by June, DZEE character by OBLVN

Topher BBT Smart Crew

Toper BBT Smart Crew

Vor138 DBI

Vor138 DBI

Stae2 GFR

Stae2 GFR

Photos by Klughaus Gallery

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