Elian and Pastel in Wynwood, Miami

Elian + Pastel in Wynwood. Photo courtesy of Pastel.

Argentinian artists Elian and Pastel collaborated on various pieces during this year’s Fountain Art Fair in Wynwood, Miami. Both artists exhibited works inside the fair, as part of a collaboration curated by Atlanta’s public art non-profit Living Walls.

The above collaboration utilizes use of fleeting, temporary mediums that captures Elian’s and Pastel’s playful and meaningful interaction with public art. Pastel uses chalk as his medium; creating organic relationships with weather and the passing of time, while Elian’s repetitive lines will remain and play with the empty space that evolved through the lapse of time.

Pastel and Elian at Fountain Art Fair. Photo courtesy of Pastel.

This collaboration was one of my favorites that I saw in Wynwood this year. Both pieces communicate with each other but also have the ability to stand on their own as separate works.

“Divorcio” by Elian. Photo courtesy of Elian.
“Cacha├ža” by Pastel. Photo courtesy of Elian.

Photos courtesy of Elian and Pastel