My favorite shots of 2012

After seeing that Brooklyn Street Art is running a contest for the best street art photos of 2012, I thought to myself that maybe I should enter. Then I remembered that I’m not actually a great photographer. I’m competent and I still post photos to Flickr and Instagram, but there are a lot of people with a lot more talent than me. So instead of submitting to BSA’s contest and surely losing, I decided that I would just highlight a few of my favorite shots here on Vandalog. So, here are my 10 favorite photos that I took in 2012…10. An old Shark Toof in South Philadelphia

9. Vhils in Baltimore for Open Walls Baltimore

8. Painting just before sunrise in Baltimore

7. Tibet and others next to The Divine Lorraine in Philadelphia

6. Gaia and Nanook in Atlanta for Living Walls Concepts

5. Sten and Lex in Baltimore for Open Walls Baltimore

4. Shepard Fairey in Haverford, PA

3. Overunder and Ever in Baltimore (Ever for Open Walls Baltimore)

2. Shepard Fairey in Philadelphia

1. ODD and others in Philadelphia

Photos by RJ Rushmore