Stikman in his splendor at Philly’s Stupid Easy Gallery

Partial view of Stikman installation at Stupid Easy, photo by Dan King

I discovered Stikman one fall afternoon back in 2007 while walking down Rivington Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It was love at first sight. And from that day on, I began to notice him – sometimes alone and other times in the company of his fellow stikmen — in just about every neighborhood I frequented in NYC.  He also surfaced – to my surprise and delight – on my visits to Washington DC, Boston and Philly. In fact, he seemed to be just about everywhere in Philly. Sometimes he appeared on a sticker pasted onto a newspaper box or traffic sign; other times he was stenciled onto the pavement or simply hanging in one of his many fabrications, and often he was just lurking around a doorway or alley. But he always charmed me. This past week, I went down to Philly to check out Stikman 20.1 Celebrating 20 Years Hanging Around Philly at the Stupid Easy Gallery.

A Mondrian-inspired Stikman on a painted stenciled background at Stupid Easy, photo by Lois Stavsky

The show, a treasure for any Stikman fan – as well as for anyone who appreciates urban interventions — attests to the extraordinary skills and passion of Stikman’s creator.  From paper collages with 20 stenciled overlapping stickmen to ingenious installations in a range of media, the elusive artist has fashioned an extraordinary tribute to his and our beloved Stikman.  Here are a few more images:

Stikman framed at Stupid Easy, photo by Lois Stavsky
Stikman on record album cover, photo by Lois Stavsy
Another view of installation, photo by Dan King

The exhibit will continue for at least another few weeks — according to the folks at Stupid Easy. If you are anywhere in the vicinity, enjoy!

Photos by Dan King and Lois Stavsky