Zoer’s beautiful graffiti

Zoer CSX is difficult to describe because the only way I can find to describe the work is that it is beautiful graffiti. I’d like to say that it’s graffiti that the everyday person would walk by without fainting in disgust (or whatever happens when people see standard tags and pieces these days), but I usually hate that sort of work. Usually, it seems that even the cleanest graffiti or pieces at halls of fame can still easily look like “bad graffiti” to the everyday viewer (take Amuse as an example), while graffiti that’s completely boring-person-friendly comes across as lame (for a street art example of this, read Caroline’s recent article on yarn bombing). And suggesting that boring-person-friendly graffiti is superior to traditional and in-your-face straight-up-vandalism graffiti is something I don’t agree with and hate to do. But Zoer seems paint work that is generally completely unobjectionable and might not come across as “graffiti” to the uneducated viewer, but is still about lettering and still very interesting. It’s friendly graffiti without the lameness. Maybe it’s the muted colors and the way the work doesn’t shout “HELLO LOOK AT ME MY NAME IS ZOER!” but rather suggest “Hey, thanks for checking me out. Maybe stop and stare a moment. Whatever you do, Zoer wishes you a nice day.” I don’t know. But I like Zoer’s work and calmly beautiful seems like the only fair way to describe it.

Photos by Zoer