The Reader’s solo show on now in Springfield, OR

The artist and graffiti writer by the names of The Reader, Read More Books, Books, Boans and others (who has a big new piece up in NYC) has a show on earlier this month at Ditch Projects in Springfield Oregon. The closing party for the show is Halloween night, where there will be a concert at the gallery by White Manna, Midday Veil and Testface. Entrance will cost $5.

Read up in a down economy does not look like the show of an artist struggling with the transition from street to gallery, something that most street artists and graffiti writers who eventually work indoors under that outdoor identity seem to experience as a challenge. While this isn’t The Reader’s first time indoors, he’s definitely more well-known for his graffiti. It’s so great to see an artist whose outdoor work I love so much transition indoors so smoothly.

We’ve got a few pictures of the show, but you can check out a more complete set of photos on the Ditch Projects website.

Photos by Brooks Dierdorff