New murals from Gaia

Gaia next to How and Nosm in Philadelphia. Photo courtesy of Gaia. Click to view large.

Gaia has recently finished two really interesting murals in Philadelphia and Baltimore.

In Philadelphia, Goldman Properties and the Mural Arts Program brought him to town to paint a portrait of Edmund Bacon, a city planner who Wikipedia tells me is considered by some to be “The Father of Modern Philadelphia.” That mural is at 13th and Sansom, right near murals by Kenny Scharf and How&Nosm.

“Arabbers” in Baltimore. Photo by M Holden Warren. Click to view large.

In Baltimore, Gaia painted a wall about Baltimore’s Arabbers, which Gaia explains:

The Arabbers are a dying Baltimore tradition of horse-drawn fruit vendors that have long been a staple of this remarkable city. I was attracted to this particular stable in the Sandtown neighborhood preparing for a documentary. These men and women define hustle, trotting along both desolate and vibrant landscapes selling their goods and making ends meet. This mural depicts four generations
starting with the great grandfather Manboy in the middle and to Fruit’s son on the top right. The arabber portraits are mixed with the logos on the containers in which their produce comes: a global economy meets a fading, tough tradition.

Photos courtesy of Gaia and by M Holden Warren