Beau Stanton paints the Berlin Wall

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Beau Stanton was recently in Germany where he painted a section of the Berlin Wall. Of course, Beau is Ron English’s assistant and has been mentored by Ron for a couple of years now, and Ron painted the wall back before it came down and when painting it meant risking arrest. Still, Beau’s work for this project was pretty spectacular. Somebody give this man some wallspace to paint murals in NYC!

Photos by Beau Stanton

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    What a lame gimmick. The kid was only a toddler when the wall came down. There was a legitimate point when Ron painted on it. What does the wall have to do with a smug hipster’s love for meaningless patterns and images of skulls? Completely irrelevant and just for show. Poo poo.

  • Steel

    I think the fact that he has a huge piece of history that he’s turned into something personal is cool enough alone.

  • Juie Wendt

    You do Not know this talented amazing “kid” so don’t be so negative.he is an amazing artist!

  • Julie Gibson

    The display of these pieces of art in Berlin (there are many, painted by artists from all over the world) is brilliant – and very meaningful, regardless of the age of the artist.