Beau Stanton paints the Berlin Wall

Beau Stanton was recently in Germany where he painted a section of the Berlin Wall. Of course, Beau is Ron English’s assistant and has been mentored by Ron for a couple of years now, and Ron painted the wall back before it came down and when painting it meant risking arrest. Still, Beau’s work for this project was pretty spectacular. Somebody give this man some wallspace to paint murals in NYC!

Photos by Beau Stanton

German photorealistic graffiti artist CASE pays tribute to Egyptian activist Khaled Said

This tribute to the Egyptian activist and rapper Khaled Said — brutally beaten to death in June 2010 and posthumously awarded the Human Rights Award 2011 this week — was just painted on two original pieces of the Berlin Wall by Andreas von Chrzanowski aka CASE, a founding member of  the renowned graffiti crew Ma’Claim.  It will soon be placed at Berlin’s Freedom Park on the banks of the river Spree. Next month, CASE will again paint the portrait in Khaled Said’s home town Alexandria, as part of a project with the Goethe Institute.

Written below portrait:: "We are all Khaled Said," calligraphy by Mohamed Gaber
Photo by Joel Sames, courtesy of From Here to Fame Publishing