Poppington gallery? Seriously, should be good

Jim Joe and Beau

Despite the ridiculous name of Poppington for the new gallery at 60 Orchard Street in NYC (it has something to do with Nicki Minaj), their first show looks like it will be, well, I guess poppington. Grr, I kind of hate myself for writing that. Quality of LIFE includes some of NYC’s best writers, those with one foot solidly in the art world and the other solidly in traditional graffiti: PHIL has one of the finest handstyles in the city; Pixote and Sabio have a handful of rivals for best rollers going up right now, but they are certainly up there; Jim Joe’s styleless style and strange quips make him one of the most loved and hated characters in New York City; and KATSU is perhaps the best active writer in America, with a chance to become the next Barry McGee if he decides to go that route.

So Quality of LIFE is a show of writers going indoors, which is always risky even if it’s not their first time working indoors. Sometimes the work carries over beautifully, usually it falls flat. Sometimes writers go indoors and try something completely different, which also usually fails but sometimes works amazingly well. I wasn’t a fan of what I saw (only through the web) of Jim Joe’s recent solo show at The Hole, but I’m excited to see what he’ll do this time around.

Quality of LIFE opens on September 27th at 7pm and will almost definitely be worth checking out.

Photo by las – initially