Something new from 2501

2501 in an abandoned part of Craco, Italy. Click to view large.

2501‘s two latest works are an interesting abstract break from the figurative work of his that’s been so popular over the past year or so. This first one is inside an abandoned church in Craco, Italy. But it’s the piece below which is really interesting. For one of the most intellectually-interesting works I’ve ever seen from 2501, he has channeled MOMO and Gordon Matta-Clark with an ever-changing abstract piece that plays with shadow. Throughout the day and the year, shadows hit the wall differently all the time, changing the overall piece with every changing shadow. Luckily, Matteo Bandiello, got some photos of the ever-shifting work.

“Dynamic Influences”. Click to see how the pieces changes of the course of a day.

Photos by Matteo Bandiello