Shepard Fairey heads back to London/Stolenspace

For pretty much as long as Vandalog has existed, I’ve heard rumors that Shepard Fairey would be coming back to show at D*Face’s StolenSpace Gallery in London. He had a solo show there in 2007, Nineteeneightyfouria, which closed early for some reason, prohibiting me from seeing it in the flesh. But supposedly it was pretty fantastic. Rumor has it (seriously, this is a rumor that I heard a few times, pure speculation/hope, not something that I can say with any certainty is grounded in fact, please don’t take it as such) that, at the time, Shepard signed a contract with StolenSpace Gallery promising that he would do two shows there. But the show never seemed to materialize, and everyone just awaited his returned.

Now, five years later, Shepard Fairey will return to London and StolenSpace Gallery for Sound & Vision, a show highlighting many of the musical influences on Fairey’s work. The show will include an installation of a temporary record shop featuring both records from Fairey’s personal collection available for listening and scores of Fairey’s LP-sleeve-sized artworks. Here’s more of what Shepard has to say about the show.

Sound & Vision opens October 19th and runs through November 4th. And yes, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be packed the entire time, but it’s also not a show to miss.

Images courtesy of OBEY Giant