Weekend link-o-rama

Don’t Fret in San Francisco

It’s back to school in a few days for the college-aged Vandalog bloggers. Caroline moving to New York City tomorrow, so say hello if you see her around.

Photo courtesy of Don’t Fret

  • TheStreetsTalkSoSTFU

    You are seriously confused. Sever has been doing this type of work since you were watching Pokemon. He’s always painted more than graffiti on the streets and has devoted almost his whole life to it. It’s a real shame that the general public believes you’re opinion on this subject because you’re experience with it is just a drop in the bucket of history and that’s probably being generous.

  • I shouldn’t be Sever’s personal biographer. Agreed. Most of the older work I’ve seen from Sever is letter-based, but I don’t doubt that what I’ve seen is only a small portion of his work. But that’s beside the point.

    Between his (or at least his friends) not understanding the basic
    artistic concept of appropriation and his street art funeral piece, Sever has, in my opinion, tried to distance himself from street art and contemporary art in general. That strikes me as odd since, whenever he began work in his current style, a lot of it is street art. If this piece – http://toprotectandsever.com/3787529 – were done by D*Face for example, it would be called street art, so logically it is street art when Sever is doing it to. If you and I agree, and we seem to, that Sever does more than graffiti but also does street art and has done so for many years, then what is your problem with what I’ve written? Do you disagree that he has been critical of street art in the past, like other members of MSK? Personally, I was confused by his street art funeral piece, but it seemed like a criticism of street art to me.

    My opinion, which you seem to be so upset over, is simply that Sever does good work and should be recognized and enjoyed for that rather than for anything outside of the work itself.