Anybody got photos of the murals at See No Evil 2012?

Pixelpancho. Click to view large. Photo courtesy of See No Evil.

First of all, the frustrations in this post are pretty much the same that Caroline voiced in a post earlier this year about the All City Canvas festival. This year’s edition of the major Bristol mural festival See No Evil finished up recently, and I’m thinking that some great walls were painted. But how the hell can I tell? Other than Nychos’ wall, all the walls I’ve seen are in photos that have been filtered to hell because (I guess) that makes them more bloggable or tumblrable or whatever. Too often now, it seems like street art is more about the photo that will be sent to sites like this than the actual mural which should be meant to be appreciated by thousands of people every day. Photos are important, but rarely should the photo be more important than the actual work. I don’t think that the internet has to be the death of street art, but it damn sure could be when walls get painted for the purpose of taking filtered-to-hell photos of the finished product.

There were some talented artists painting at See No Evil, and the photos looks great if you think of them as photos untied to an actual mural that should be documented, but I’d like someone in Bristol to tell me how the murals actually turned out in-the-flesh. Here are some more photos that I was given from the event:

Conor Harrington. Click to view large (but still not unfiltered). Photo courtesy of See No Evil.
M-City and SheOne from this year and Nick Walker and El Mac from last year. Actually, I like this photo as an overview of the city, but unfortunately it’s the only one available of M-City’s finished wall. Photo by Ian Cox.
Nychos. This pic was not messed with, thank God. Click to view large. Photo courtesy of See No Evil.

I’m sorry to pick on See No Evil about this issue. It’s not something that they started and it’s not something unique to them. They seem like a cool festival, but this is an issue which they are contributing to.

Photos courtesy of See No Evil and by Ian Cox