OBEY is the drug

That thing above this text? Yeah, that’s Love is The Drug, the latest print by Shepard Fairey. When people complain about Fairey’s work not being up to the standard that it once was, this might be the sort of product that they’re thinking about.

I don’t think it’s entirely fair to criticize Fairey for putting out mediocre prints from time to time. After all, he puts out a lot of work. Not all of it is going to be great. But this one just seems particularly disappointing. Love is The Drug is red and black and gold, and nobody would care about it if Shepard Fairey’s signature wasn’t in the lower right corner and an OBEY star logo wasn’t in the top left.

Despite the weak image, my bet is that the print will still sell out in less than an hour once it is released for sale sometime on Tuesday.

Photo courtesy of OBEY Giant