Banksy weighs in on Olympics, but what’s the next step?

Today Banksy‘s website was updated with two new Olympics-themed pieces. It’s not yet clear where these new stencils are located, but London is a good bet. If they are in London, that’s going to make for an interesting situation as someone is going to have to decide whether or not to paint over these walls which are suddenly valuable tourist attractions. The stated position of the authorities is that any illegal Olympics-themed street art or graffiti is going to be destroyed ASAP, but maybe public outcry and monetary incentives could make Banksy an exception. This is especially interested given the recent round-up by British police of former graffiti writers. The Atlantic has more on this potential controversial situation.

I like seeing more art on the street, and I like these pieces by Banksy. If this work is buffed, that’s two more grey walls in London. But allow them to remain unbuffed sets an unfair double standard (particularly punishing graffiti writers). The system would be preserving street art, but in an unjust way. So, should they stay or should they go? What do you think?

Via Colossal

Photos courtesy of Banksy