HowNosm’s “Reflections” installation

HowNosm have just finished an installation, called “Reflections,” at the Andrew Freedman House. What is that building? Until the mid-1980’s, it was a poorhouse for the formally rich. Basically, the functioned as a place where those who used to be rich and had fallen on hard times could live with the comforts that they had grown accustomed to (like servants). Definitely strange, but that idea was put into practice for decades at this mansion in the Bronx. Now it is about to be used for a show of 20-some artists organized by No Longer Empty and curated by Keith Schweitzer. This Side of Paradise looks to be a fascinating show with a great space and great artists including Daze, Crash, Cheryl Pope and others. The show opens next week.

After the jump, check out more photos of HowNosm’s installation as well as a video of “Reflections” coming together. If anyone out there was worried that HowNosm might be one-trick ponies with their quite distinctive style, I think this should convince them otherwise…

For more information about This Side of Paradise, check out The Huffington Post.

Photos by Monica Muller