Geo Street Art iPhone apps launch + Street Art NYC

Damon Ginandes mural

Geo Street Art launched two iPhone apps this week for locating street art in NYC and London. The Street Art NYC and Street Art London by Lois Stavsky (also a Vandalog blogger) and Griff respectively. Basically, the apps are street art guides to individual cities with both hundreds of currently running pieces and historical data and bios of artists you might come across. Lois and Griff are out hitting the streets all the time, so these apps actually have a good chance of staying up to date. Similar iPhone apps have often relied on crowdsourcing their data and that’s not a bad idea, but maybe it’s time to try putting a small monetary incentive behind the work of keeping a street art map up to date and relying on experts. Each app costs a few dollars and since I’m not in either city right now, I haven’t purchased them myself, but the screenshots definitely make the app look quite professional and the map in NYC already includes over 400 active locations to spot art.

In conjunction with the app, Lois has also started up a new blog, Street Art NYC. If you love Lois’ posts here at Vandalog like I do, I highly recommend checking out Street Art NYC.

The Geo Street Art apps are available in the App Store now.

Hopefully this project will finally result in up-to-date maps of interesting street art, something I’ve been interested in seeing for years.

Photo by Lois Stavsky