Inside Out – Cake and Don Pablo Pedro


In an interesting pairing, Cake and Don Pablo Pedro are showing together this week at Mighty Tanaka in Brooklyn. To be a bit boring and quote from the press release, it’s certainly true that their work “both compliments and conflicts.” I find that with Cake, I’m drawn in by the beauty of the work overall only to then look at the actual content of the work to see more disturbing elements that are not so beautiful except in the way they are depicted. With Don Pablo Pedro’s work, I tend to be drawn in by the disturbing/erotic/perverted/disgusting/surreal content of his paintings, only to then notice how beautifully made they are. Either way, they each seem to have found something that works.

The show, Inside Out, opens on Friday the 17th and runs through March 9th at Mighty Tanaka.

Photo courtesy of Cake