Imminent Disaster’s upcoming NYC solo show

Robyn Hasty aka Imminent Disaster is finally ready to reveal part of her long-awaited photography project: Homeland. According to Hasty, “Homeland is a Wet Plate Collodion photo essay documenting the collapse of the American economy by focusing on the people who are re-envisioning and rebuilding life within it.” Some of the photographs from Homeland will be on display starting this week at Kesting/Ray in SoHo in Hasty’s solo show On the River: Stories from the heart of glorious abandon, where you cannot see what lies beyond the next bend. Wet plate photography is a photographic process from the 1800’s that produces one-of-a-kind photographs in a matter of a few minutes. In addition to the photographs, On the River will include an installation with screenprints, cut paper work and more.

For more about the Homeland series, you can check out this NPR article.

On the River opens at Kesting/Ray on Thursday from 7-9pm and runs through February 5th.

Photo by Robyn Hasty