Skewville is taking on San Francisco

Skewville at Nuart 2009

My second favorite identical-twin street art duo, Skewville, have a show opening this month at White Walls in San Francisco. Actually, that’s not entirely true. Depending on my mood and the particular work I’m looking at, Skewville sometimes surpass Os Gemeos as my favorite identical-twin street art duo. Their 2011 shows in Chicago and London were big hits (and the “Check Uself” mirror was a highlight of the show MaNY and I put together last spring), so White Walls could not have picked a better show for their first show to open in the new year. Playground Tactics¬†will include dozens of artworks, including an installation. The show opens on January 14th from 7-11pm, and runs through February 4th.

Photo by RJ Rushmore