More “art” from Lush

Lush is up to his old tricks at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne, where he had his first solo show last year. Another shithouse “art” show opened earlier this month with a bang: At the opening, Lush held a “death match” between Jesus and Satan. And yes, it was captured on video. If you’ve been following Lush’s flickr lately, you’ve probably seen the sketches he has been putting up. Those are on display at the show and have turned into a zine that Backwoods is selling online.

Here’s part 1 of the fight videos, a bit of an introduction to the fight:

And here’s the fight itself (and yes, it’s violent, so be warned):

Here are a few shots from the show. You can find more on Backwoods Gallery’s facebook or at Arty Graffarti:

Photos courtesy of Backwoods Gallery