Hyuro solo show this week in Zurich

Valencia’s Hyuro has a solo show, Casual Anomalies, opening this Thursday at the Starkart gallery in Zurich, Switzerland. In an email, Hyuro laid out 8 rules that she imposed upon herself for this project (sort of):

  • Take a step out from my old way of working.
  • Avoid previous ideas before start working.
  • Believe in the process rather than in final results.
  • Contemplate new elements into my language.
  • Dont be close just to the drawings format….be open to knew shapes.
  • Work more from the unconnscious side rather than the rational one.
  • Be less narrative and more poetic.
  • Dont take it like a dogma…its just a text for this flyer!

And here’s an animation that Hyuro has made for Causal Anomalies:

Image by Hyuro