New Work in France and Norway

Many thanks to C215 for all the walls in Vitry and John Cunningham at the Sunnhordland Folkehogskule for the hospitality in Norway

The golden geese of StatOil. Petroleum has completely changed Norway since its discovery and development in the North Sea since the early 1970’s. Now the country has the second highest GDP per capita in the world.

Chinese finger trap at the Sunnhordland Folkehogskule
Gestures in Vitry
L'Esprit Nouveau

In 1918, painter Amédée Ozenfant and Le Corbusier established the journal L’Esprit Nouveau, a publication advocating  pure, geometric form in art and architecture. Their conceptual legacy has been felt tremendously in our approach to pre-fabricated housing throughout the world and was a small seed for defining the modern aesthetic. The material for the image is derived from a pamphlet for Corbusier’s lecture series in 1920.

Let Us State the Problem
La Sorie et L'Euro

Montry is a small town outside of Paris. Their refusal to sell land to Disneyland Paris set Montry apart from its neighbors who ceded public land to new development. Many thanks to Galerie Itinerrance.

Carrier pigeon. Photo by Aaron Wojack

Photos by Gaia and Aaron Wojack