Kickstart some films: Style Wars and the story of OBEY

There are two new Kickstarter projects that look very worthwhile for the graffiti and street art worlds. Kickstarter is the website where people can crowdsource funding for their ideas. Both of these projects are looking for about $30,000.

On the set of Style Wars. Photo by Martha Cooper

The first project is the restoration of the 30 hours of unseen outsides from Style Wars, the ultimate classic graffiti and hip-hop culture film for inclusion on a blu-ray rerelease of the film. Here’s what Henry Chalfant, a co-producer of the film, has to say about the project:

Shepard Fairey's first billboard takeover, done in 1990. Photo by el-pablo

The second film is a new one, but it also tells a true story from before I was born: Julian Marshall is a filmmaker currently attending RISD, the college that Shepard Fairey attended. He would like to tell the story of Shepard Fairey’s early career. Julian’s film will focus on Shepard’s first billboard takeover, pictured above, the idea for which came from a class assignment at RISD. It’s kinda like The Social Network for Shepard Fairey (so less coding and more bombing). Here’s what Julian has to say about his film:

Each of these films only have about 3 more weeks to reach their funding goals on Kickstarter. Any contributions or help spreading the word could make the difference that these ideas need to see the light of day. To support the Style Wars outtakes project, go here. To support the authorized OBEY origin story film, go here.

Photos by Martha Cooper and El-Pablo