Avant-Garde Urbano festival


The Urban Space at Tudela de Navarra, Spain hosted the Avant-Garde Urbano mural festival on September 26th-30th. The project aimed to revive the architecture of the city with some fresh paint by Blu, Bs. As. Stencil, El Mac, Filippo Minelli, Run Don’t Walk, Sam3, Suso33 and more. The festival was produced by Castel Ruiz and curated by Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada. Here are some photos.

Buenos Aires Stencil & Run Don't Walk
Buenos Aires Stencil & Run Don't Walk
FIlippo Minelli
El Mac

Haha, as I was writing this post, I notice this series of posts on Unurth that just went online.

Photos by Ana Alvarez-Errecalde