Swoon and Olek for PBS


Swoon and Olek were interviewed by PBS for the video found below. It’s quick, but good and covers the most recent major projects from each artist. Olek’s interview definitely gave me a lot more faith in her work. There have been jokes made about how perhaps Olek’s success relies on her good looks (yes, I realize that’s not the most politically correct joke to make, but it’s a joke that gets made), but I agree wholeheartedly with Olek’s thoughts about how good art is both conceptual and graphically interesting. This isn’t to say that I’m suddenly a fan of that show where she redid a bunch of famous street art in crochet form, but my opinion of Olek has definitely improved after this video.

As for PBS, their tips are the end are a bit flawed:

  • You can definitely get arrested for tiling like Invader.
  • In some cities, you can definitely get arrested for stickering.
  • Morley‘s name is Morley, not Marley.

Photo by See-ming Lee