Interesni Kazki: Objects of the Universe

Ukranian duo Interesni Kazki (AEC and WAONE) are having a solo exhibition opening September 29th at the Avantgarden Gallery, in Milan. ‘Interesni Kazki’ loosely translates into “Interesting Stories” or “Interesting Colors”. The show’s name, Objects of the Universe, was inspired by the two’s cosmological/mind-trip subject matter: “As in a kaleidoscope, the shapes follow one another and float inside a suspended time, losing their original signification and adopting new meanings.”

Heavily symbolic stuff, some of it can reveal hidden images when flipped upside down, or viewed from a different perspective. Interestingly, every single piece contains a secret to decipher. All the fun of Highlights Magazines in a socially appropriate setting!

Photos courtesy of AvantGarden Gallery