Oh buffmen, you can be so silly

Underlying piece by a.bot. Buff by anonymous. Memorial by a.bot.

a.bot is probably my favorite street artist in Seattle. We have a similar sense of humor. The story behind this piece just shows the complete ridiculousness of the people who buff graffiti. First, a.bot put up his character on this wall. You can still see a bit of it in blue. Then, someone came up with white spraypaint and attempted to cover up a.bot’s piece. Okay, the paint doesn’t match perfectly, but it could be worse. What makes this so great is that a.bot’s character was actually done in chalk, so it was going to wash away pretty quickly. Now, it’s been more or less permanently memorialized in white spraypaint. After that happened, a.bot returned to the wall and left a little memorial inspired by the “ghost bike” phenomenon.

Photo by a.bot