Saber hits the LA skies in defense of murals

While some people would argue that LA has one of the most vibrant mural, street art and graffiti scenes in the world, there’s something holding it back: The legal impossibility of painting murals with permission. Because the city of LA essentially considers all murals commercial signage, getting permission from the property owner is not enough. Without permission from the city government (which sounds nearly impossible to get), even murals painted with the building owner’s permission are illegal in the eyes of the city.

Today, Saber decided to fight back against the city by hiring 5 skywriters to write messages in support of art and his friends across the skies of LA. Additionally, Saber has a blog post explaining his opposition to the city’s mural moratorium and cataloging instances where good art has been impacted by the absurd enforcement of a law that was intended to impact public advertising.

Saber has also started a petition urging the city to end its mural moratorium. You can sign that here.

Here’s a bit more of what Saber had his skywriters put up:

Photos by Saber