Banksy complains the old-fashioned way

According to The Guardian, Banksy‘s got a little problem with Channel 4’s Graffiti Wars documentary about Robbo and the Banksy versus Robbo feud. Rather than taking it to the street like you might expect when a street artist has a problem with the government or mass media, Banksy has sent a formal letter of complaint to Channel 4 and demanded an investigation. Among other concerns, Banksy is particularly upset that, in his opinion, the end of the documentary implies that Banksy was responsible for putting Robbo in a coma. To be clear, Banksy was not responsible for Robbo’s injury. Check out more details of Banksy’s complaints over at The Guardian.

Speaking of Robbo, a fundraiser for him took place today at Cargo in London. We hope it was a success.

Photo by Nolionsinengland