Christiaan Nagel’s mushrooms head indoors

Christiaan Nagel is the artist who has been putting up strange mushroom sculptures in London for a little while. They can be really fun to come across when you’re not expecting it. If you’ve seen them before, you’re kind of in the know, at least to an extent. Still they are a bit of a mystery. How are they made and what are they made of? Is there a message? And if you’ve never seen one before, well the first time you see one is kind of like the first time you see an Invader. But like Invader, Christiaan is probably better suited for the outdoors than a gallery setting. Nonetheless, he has a solo show at Rich Mix in London opening next Thursday, and it’s been put together by Street Art London. So we’ll see how this goes. But I’m apprehensive. There’s a lot of street artists whose stuff really only works outdoors, and Christiaan’s mushrooms seem to fall squarely within that category. That’s not a slight against him or points for him. Some artworks work well indoors. Some work well outdoors. Some work well anywhere. I’m curious to see if Christiaan can bring his work indoors successfully. More info about the show here.