Kenny Scharf hits Philadelphia

Kenny Scharf recently painted this mural in Philadelphia. While the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program came out of an effort to eradicate graffiti, they’ve since changed their tune. Besides Kenny Scharf, of course Steve Powers aka the former graffiti writer ESPO from Philadelphia worked with the MAP on his Love Letter project. The press release for this mural even touts Scharf’s graffiti roots, something Scharf himself has tried to distance himself from. Additionally, MuraLAB is a project within MAP that’s trying to do some things beyond standard murals. It’s exciting for me to see a wider range artists working with the MAP besides a small set of traditional mural painters.

This mural was also organized with Goldman Properties, aka Tony Goldman aka the man behind Wynwood Walls aka the man behind the mural at Bowery and Houston in NYC aka the man largely responsible for redevelopment in those areas. According to this article (which I’m pretty sure falsely says that Goldman has worked with Retna in Miami, as if Goldman is taking credit for Primary Flight which he is not involved with), more murals are on their way on his properties in Philadelphia, although it’s not clear which artists he will bring. Shepard Fairey seems like a sure thing, but other than that, it’s difficult to say.

Anyway, here’s the finished mural…

Photos courtesy of the Mural Arts Program