Crystal Eyes – A Kickstarter project from Doodles

Doodles aka Nick Mann and two collaborators (Lawrence Martinez and Alex Fermanis) are hoping to travel the USA this summer to collect crystals, which will be incorporated into an art installation in Atlanta (more on that soon). To fund the project, they are using Kickstarter. Here’s their Kickstarter page. I’ll let Alex explain a bit about the Crystal Eyes project:

The trio is now trying to raise the $3,200 they need to realize Crystal Eyes. The gifts that you can get for funding this project are pretty cool if you’re a fan of Doodles’ artwork. For just $25, there’s this screenprint. If I were gainfully employed and my walls weren’t covered in prints and sketches already, I’d definitely be get one of those prints. You can get involved yourself here.

Sketch by Doodles