Return of the Vandalog street art tour

Pablo Delgado

Since I’m back in London for the summer, the Vandalog street art tours are back on. Over two years ago, I began showing art fans all of the best street art in and around Shoreditch. Of course, there was a break this past few months while I’ve been away at university, but now the Steph and I are back at it. Starting this Saturday (July 2nd), we’ll be starting the tours every Saturday at 2pm outside of Old Street Station’s exit #4. I hope you’ll join us. There’s more details here. Just email me (rj at vandalog dot com) to reserve a spot.

Photo by RJ Rushmore

  • Caroline Caldwell

    I’ll take 3, please.

  • I’ll trade you a tour in NYC if you show me around Philly. Which sounds to me like a great trade for you since NYC is so much bigger.

  • Caroline Caldwell

    Shake on it! But to ensure we don’t get lost, we must mark our territory. That’s just sensible planning.