A preview of 3rdEye(SOL)ation’s first street art exhibit

June 3rd, 2011 | By | 3 Comments »

3rdEye(SOL)ation, Bushwick’s newest urban art space, is the perfect setting to exhibit street art. The somewhat gritty neighborhood, the inviting site itself, along with the vibes of the folks who hang out there, make it the ideal fit.  When I stopped by earlier, most of the artwork for tonight’s  opening was already installed. Here’s a preview:

Billi Kid


Mike Die


Quel Beast and qrst (top right)

Jason Mamarella, curator



Photos by Lois Stavsky

The exhibit opens tonight from 7-10pm @ 1501 Broadway in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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  • Iprint4ca

    “Quel Beast” This is an awesome work which type of color mixing is using to make this print??

  • it’s house paint, spray paint, acrylic paint, krink markers and oil sticks on canvas and the forehead is the same paper that the body is made out of.  the body is acrylic paint and krink markers on brown craft paper.  all hand painted.  glad you like it!

  • Anonymous

    is that the same as your street stuff quel? those are craft paper wheat pastes?