Banksy + 5: October 7th

Saki Waki with Banksy's latest piece. Photo courtesy of The L.I.S.A. Project.
Saki Waki with Banksy’s latest piece. Photo courtesy of The L.I.S.A. Project.

Today for Better Out Than In, Banksy revealed the above balloon piece in Brooklyn. The photos on his site look a bit better, but I have used the above image of my friend Saki Waki because I want to show how this piece is really about audience interaction. On the first day of the show, I wondered if Banksy was maybe using the individual works in this show as props to make a larger point. If we look at the works so far, with this one and the box truck being prime examples, Better Out Than In seems to be at least in part about the spectacle and the crowds that Banksy’s work attracts. The box truck was meant to be a display of calmness, but this is what it looked like once people found out where the piece was parked. Today’s piece is of course reminiscent of Banksy’s classic Balloon Girl image, but now the girl is missing and the audience has to participate to complete the work (the balloon reference also lends credence to Hrag Vartanian’s idea that the show might be Banksy’s version of a retrospective). Other works in Better Out Than In point to the show being about crowds in less obvious ways. With the Random graffiti given a Broadway makeover series, Banksy drew out massive crowds to look at what was essentially the crappiest graffiti in New York City. So, that’s my current theory: The show is about the spectacle that Banksy can create and the crowds (including bloggers like me) that he can manipulate.

For today’s + 5, we have work by ASVP and some unknown artists:

ASVP and others in Zurich, Switzerland. Photo by Bernard Oh.
ASVP and others in Zurich, Switzerland. Photo by Bernard Oh.
Unknown artists in Zurich, Switzerland. Photo by Bernard Oh.
Unknown artists in Zurich, Switzerland. Photo by Bernard Oh.
Unknown Artist in Nottingham, UK. Photo by KylaBorg.
Unknown Artist in Nottingham, UK. Photo by KylaBorg.
Unknown artist in New York City. Photo by Hrag Vartanian.
Unknown artist in New York City. Photo by Hrag Vartanian.
Unknown artist in New York City. Photo by Hrag Vartanian.
Unknown artist in New York City. Photo by Hrag Vartanian.

Photos by Bernard Oh, KylaBorg, Hrag Vartanian and courtesy of The L.I.S.A. Project

Weekend link-o-rama

ASVP for The L.I.S.A. Project
ASVP for The L.I.S.A. Project

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Photo by Wayne Rada

A killer group show of prints, seriosuly

Chris Stain

All too often, I get the same basic press release in my inbox. It reads something like this:

Dear Arrested Motion editor,

Gallery X, the hippest gallery in the USA even though you’ve never heard of us before, is super excited about their upcoming show Lame Pun for a Name, a group show featuring prints from the world’s most exciting street artists. We have 15 artists you’ve never heard of or have heard of but don’t care about who we think are making a real splash and 2 artists you’ve heard of but whose prints we found on eBay for the purpose of including them in this show. Oh, and yes, we have a Banksy print! This is sure to be the best show ever in the history of the world even though we only just discovered that street art is a thing after my mom told me about this movie called Exit Through the Gift Shop.

I hope you’ll post about our show. An inconvenient to download and use pdf file is attached.


Gallery Girl

Because of emails like that, my tolerance for group shows of prints is pretty low these days. I pretty much write them off as ignorable when I hear about them, even when I like some of the artists in the show. Well, I’m extremely thankful that two of my friends dragged me to New York’s Hendershot Gallery last week after I had written off their latest group print show, (Re)Print.

Troy Lovegates

(Re)Print features ASVP, Clown Soldier, Chris Stain, Troy Lovegates, Labrona, Judith Supine and others. It achieves that combination of well-known and extremely talented but up-and-coming artists that nearly every group show strives for but few manage to pull off. If you’re looking for work by artists who don’t get the attention they deserve, (Re)Print is the place to see a whole lot of them. In particular, the new prints by Chris Stain and collages by Clown Soldier are a real treat.

Here are a few bits from the show, but if you’re in New York at all this summer, definitely try to make it over to Hendershot Gallery to see the entire show. (Re)Print is open through August 15th.

Clown Soldier
Paul Insect
Troy Lovegates

Photos courtesy of Hendershot Gallery

Young New Yorkers

Young New York: A Silent Art Auction & Fundraiser is an fundraising initiative for the Young New Yorkers (YNY) program, which aids and raises awareness for teens who have been legally classified “adults” and thrown into New York State’s adult criminal justice system.

The silent action will be happening Tuesday May 29th from 6pm-10pm at WhiteBoxes projects, and feature works by Steve “ESPO” Powers, LNYSteven Holl, Gaia, LabronaNohjColeythe YOK, ASVP, Doodles, Radical!, Feral Child, Cake, Ian Kuali’i and many others. All proceeds will go toward enabling workshops with successful artists, designers, teachers and social workers who will use creative theraputic methods to reach out to these teens in New York State’s criminal justice system.

You can purchase tickets to attend the auction here. For more information check out the YNY website or Facebook.

A preview of 3rdEye(SOL)ation’s first street art exhibit

3rdEye(SOL)ation, Bushwick’s newest urban art space, is the perfect setting to exhibit street art. The somewhat gritty neighborhood, the inviting site itself, along with the vibes of the folks who hang out there, make it the ideal fit.  When I stopped by earlier, most of the artwork for tonight’s  opening was already installed. Here’s a preview:

Billi Kid


Mike Die


Quel Beast and qrst (top right)

Jason Mamarella, curator



Photos by Lois Stavsky

The exhibit opens tonight from 7-10pm @ 1501 Broadway in Bushwick, Brooklyn.