Anthony Lister inside and outside around London

Anthony Lister and Haculla. Photo by Pure Evil

Australia’s Anthony Lister is in London right now to launch his latest series of prints at Picture On Walls. Like Dran’s recent release at POW, these prints are actually 100 fairly customized prints. On each print of this Fan Boy series, Lister has painted a different design on the main character’s t-shirt. Here are a few examples:

The POW website describes these prints as “basically halfway between an original painting and a silk screen print,” which is cool. Lister has always been super-prolific, so this format probably works well for him. Of course, POW also describe the prints as “Very desirable,” but I think that’s just a little joke to provoke another certain street art blog.

The Fan Boy prints will be launched this Thursday evening at Pictures on Walls in London from 6-9pm. The show will also include new paintings and stickers.

While in town, Lister has been getting up around London, including the above collaboration with Haculla and something with Very Nearly Almost. I’ve also spotted some new stickers that just say “Lister”.

Photos by Pure Evil and courtesy of Pictures on Walls