Street a.k.a. Museum @ Portsmouth Museum of Art

Bumblebee, Meant To Bee (detail), 2011. © Bumblebee

Ignore its pathetic excuse for a title (I’m sorry, I know that sounds bitchy, but who the hell thought that one up?! Seriously.), because there are some good artists in this show about to open at the Portsmouth Museum of Art in New Hampshire and you should go check it out if you can. In addition to the on-site installations and individual artworks Bumblebee (above), Andreas von ChrzanowskiHerakut, Shark Toof and Alexandros Vasmoulakis created for the museum’s walls, all of the artists are/have been in town painting up the streets of Portsmouth. I’ve only seen a couple, not very good photos of the murals, etc that definitely don’t do the artists’ work justice, so if you know where to find good ones, leave a link in the comments section! I’m sure the museum will have photos up online soon, though, as will the artists.

The Portsmouth Museum of Art exhibition opens May 11 and closes September 11, 2011, but if you’re on the West Coast of the US, you can check out its sister show at LeBasse Projects (featuring works by all of the aforementioned artists) through May 28, 2011. You can view the work from that show here.

Image courtesy Bumblebee.