LAPD arrests Revok, bail set at $320,000

A truck painted by Revok

Revok was arrested on Thursday at LAX on his way to Ireland. His bail has been set at an absurdly high $320,000. Here’s a press release from the LAPD. Best of luck to Revok. He is a fantastic artist and this strikes me as retaliation from the LAPD now that Art in the Streets is having such a positive response with residents of LA.

Update: Just how absurdly high is Revok’s bail? Logan Hicks did the math. Basically, the LA legal system seems to think that allegedly not repaying people for putting graffiti on their property is about as bad as molesting three young girls ($300,000 bail) and then threatening a man while wielding a machete ($20,000 bail). While bail is not set entirely based on the severity of the crime but other factors as well, Logan’s stats are a good place to start, and based on severity of alleged crimes, Revok’s bail is completely unjust.

Via LAist

Photo by funkandjazz