Judith Supine’s “Ladyboy” at New Image Art

Last week I had the chance to check out Judith Supine’s solo show at New Image Art. While it probably doesn’t quite live up to the hype, Ladybody is definitely worth checking out. Supine’s head is a mysterious cacophony of strangeness, and the installation mostly left me confused, but I’m not sure if that’s my fault or Supine’s. Either way, it was interesting to see his art in the environment that he seems to prefer showing it. One part of the installation which is an exception and a highlight is this sculpture:

Smoke creeps out of the baby’s open mouth, and when you look inside, this is what you see:

Photos can’t really do justice to the creepiness of this piece and it is worth checking out Ladybody for this sculpture alone.

And then there were the more traditional pieces:

Whoever has the balls to hang the image of a doughnut dripping syrup onto a waffle in their home has my respect. It’s one of my favorite images from Supine in a while, but it’s definitely one of his most difficult to hang.

Oh and be sure to check out some photos of the crazy opening.

Photos by Sonja Teri