RJ and Steph’s Big Announcement

As some of you may know already, RJ and I have some really big news for you. We will be adding someone new to the Vandalog family! We figures since Marc and Sarah Schiller (of Wooster Collective) have a kid, we should too. I’m only a few months along, and yes it has been difficult having my future baby daddy in the States, but we are determined to make this work. Instead of showing you my sonogram pictures, because I am sure most of you have to see your friends/coworkers/people you hated from high school’s pictures on Facebook pop up and don’t want to see mine, we are using this picture from Sweet Toof instead. Fitting right?

Thank you all for the continuous support and RJ and I welcome all name possibilities. I am thinking Munko if it is a boy and Poupee if it is a girl.


Photo courtesy of High Roller Society