The Phantom Street Artist t-shirt giveaway

Last year we mentioned a print available by The Phantom Street Artist, an artist probably best known for his art on the cover of Rage Against The Machine’s album The Battle of Los Angeles. Now, a variation on that image has been put on a t-shirt through Morelworks. I’m a big fan of artists doing t-shirts (wearing my Barry McGee shirt right now), so this news was really exciting to me. The Phantom’s Art Saves Lives t-shirt is available online for $25, but Morelworks also have one shirt to give away to a lucky Vandalog reader.

HOW TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: Just comment on this post (make sure to include your email address so you can be reached if you win), tweet a link to this post on Twitter or share a link to this post on Facebook. Do one of those things before midnight on Friday (eastern daylight time aka the time in NYC), and you will be entered in the random draw to win an Art Saves Lives shirt (in the size of your choice).

And of course, even if you don’t win, you can buy the shirt online.

Photos courtesy of Morelworks