Vandalog is Tumblin’

So even though Vandalog is an online blog, we are always trying to expand into different media. We have our Twitters (RJ, Tom, Elisa and myself, Facebook page, Flickr, Babelgum videos and now we have Tumblr. It is a bit daunting, but we like to post so many different bits everywhere that it just makes sense. The Tumblr page will primarily be run by myself and will be a mix of Vandalog posts, reposts from other people’s blogs, rants, raves and just generally more informal writing for those of you who appreciate my sarcastic style. So if you have a Tumblr follow us at:

And if you are that keen to follow my personal page (which I doubt unless you want to hear talk from a 22 year old female) you can find me here. Convince RJ to make one too. His personal life is far more interesting than you all know.