Today’s Special – Skewville Flavor

Skewville’s first solo show in London, entitled Slow Your Roll, opened at High Roller Society on Friday 18th March. Setting out to reclaim the gallery in much the same way as the streets, the show is not only an exhibition of Skewville’s unique style, but is a fantastic experience and example of what can be achieved when street art meets a gallery setting. This is certainly my favourite show High Roller have hosted and is one that should certainly not be missed.  Here are some pictures of the opening night…

YO YO. Photo by S.Butterfly
No Sponsor. Photo by SeveredFrequencies
Slow your roll. Photo by SeveredFrequencies
Hype. Photo by ClutterGeoff
Today's Special, Brooklyn Flavor. Photo by ClutterGeoff
Hopes and Dreams. Photo by S.Butterfly
Love or Envy. Photo by S.Butterfly
Slow that beat. Photo by SeveredFrequencies

And before Ad left London he wrote a little message for RJ, who states that Skewville are “his second favourite street art twin duo” with Os Gemeos taking the cake in that category…

Yo Yo Yo... Suck it RJ! Photo by Shower

However after this show, Skewville take the biscuit for me… Suck it RJ!

For all those that could not make the opening night, Slow Your Roll runs until 24th April at High Roller Society.

Photos by Butterfly, ClutterGeoff, SeveredFrequencies and Shower