Strange tribute

January 15th, 2011 | By | 4 Comments »

Last month in Miami, Tristan Eaton installed the above painting outdoors as part of Primary Flight. Tristan sent over a funny story though. Apparently, that painting isn’t there anymore. Instead, somebody, not the artist or anyone in Primary Flight, recently took the painting off the wall and replaced it with this wheatpaste:

It’s a strange tribute, or something… Post a comment if you know what’s going on here.

Photos courtesy of Tristan Eaton

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  • Em

    Clearly no ‘tribute’ per se, they wanted the painting and were kind enough to replace it. (Actually, that’s a nice thing to do in that the Painting wasn’t going to last too long out there.)

  • Well then at the very least, it’s a strange way to steal

  • Em

    Well, although I can’t tell from the photo, looks like it’s in a public place. As a result, it probably won’t last there for super-long, so the purloiner figured he’d grab this (publically placed) piece before it was either removed or bombed, but wanted to honor the spirit of street art, so he replaced it with a well-done wheatpaste. Bravo.

  • He saved it from being destroyed 🙂 go human!