Classic José Parlá graffiti

You may be familiar with José Parlá‘s recent artwork, like the above canvas. And you may also know that Parlá used to write graffiti under the name Ease, primarily in Miami. But you probably haven’t seen much of that graffiti. Until this week, I’d only seen maybe one or two Ease pieces. Just a few days ago though, Depoe sent me a great link: It turns out that the website Miami Graffiti has dozens of photos of Ease graffiti by Parlá. So maybe I’m on the only one out there for whom this is new informatoin, after all this website isn’t a secret, but I hadn’t seen this work before and really enjoyed checking it out.

Thanks again to Depoe for the tip (and check out his recent series of etchings. I’ve got a few of his etchings and they are the first thing I see on my wall when I get up in the morning. Great stuff.)

Photo by bashford